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HEC-RAS Version 4.1 Released

Exciting news for those of us doing floodplain studies. A new version of HEC-RAS has been released to the public. I am particularly exited about the new GIS tool RAS Mapper with Floodplain Delineation Capabilities. Just learned how to do this with Civil 3d now I have a new tool to play with.

  1. Features

  2. New RAS Mapper Floodplain Delineation Capabilities
  3. Hydrologic Routing Reaches Within an Unsteady Flow Model Run
  4. New Flow Data And Boundary Conditions Editor for Unsteady Flow
  5. Contraction/Expansion losses for Unsteady Flow
  6. Minor Losses for Unsteady Flow
  7. New Junction Hydraulics Option for Unsteady Flow
  8. Groundwater Leakage for Storage Areas
  9. Water Quality Modeling Enhancements
  10. Sediment Transport Modeling Enhancements
  11. User's Manuals and Help System